Dolcidea brand specializes in the production of traditional Italian nougat, crunchy, caramelized dried fruit, filled chocolates and innovative variations of the products just mentioned since 1972.

Since 1972, the structure is located in one of the best known area of italian torrone production, right near the Montevergine Abbey, near Avellino(Italy).

In the last ten years, our company has enriched his knowledge and his know-how with new market trends, offering a wide range of products in order to satisfy the need of consumers and large retailers, using 100% natural and handmade products and respecting high quality levels.

In order to meet the new market’s needs and demands with which people confront every day, it plans in its industrial long-term plans and organizational projects of research and development of new and innovative products that are in line with an organic, natural, handmade food philosophy, also respectful of the environment and the final consumer.

In recent years, Dolcidea brand focalized his core business not only on the production and commercialization of cited products, but also investing and planning resources and long-serving experience in the definition and implementation of the NATURA SNACK BRAND and its variant of crunchy wellness line, energetic bars inspired to an organic and nutritional philosophy without added sugar wit strictly natural products, which express the perfect mix and blend of pleasant taste and flavor in the fusion of tradition and in the expertise of almond brittle’s masters.

Dolcidea’s mission is to preserve in time and to transfer in the products the synthesis of the manual and decades-long experience of its master torrone artisans with new technologies, maintaining the pleasantness and freshness of the products which is the result of the perfect balance of taste and flavor in craftsmanship 4.0.

Dolcidea sells and distributes throughout italian territory, in Americas, part of Europe and Japan and it develops commercial projects with a private label.

Most of our products are not seasonal as generally conceived: “they have been revised with new functionalities based on market demands, maintaining the traditional quality.

The company is strongly committed to maintain high quality standards.

Dolcidea has KOSHER/ BIO certifications.


More than 2000 years ago, Romans used honey and nuts to produce a kind of dessert.

Arabians imported the torrone in Italy, Spain and South France. Each area has developed its own way of producing torrone with the influence of the native tradition.

In South Italy soft torrone is very popular, while in northern Italy crumbly torrone is popular.

The production in Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, the area of Dolcidea’s territory, began in the 17th century thanks to one of the most famous italian abbey (Montevergine) at the top of the mountain.

Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, with its 700 meter above sea level, is the last town on the road to Montevergine. The town has a long tradition (began in 1600) of the production of torrone that was sold to pilgrims on their way to the abbey.


The product we offer are based on ancient recipes in line with the new market trends.

Traditionally, the only ingredients were honey, egg white, nuts, sugar and almonds.

Today the new ingredients are fruit, cream and some traditional ingredients of the area (lemon canditi and orange peel), but steel maintaining the following fundamental and manufacturing characteristics:

  • 100% natural products;
  • Handmade production;
  • Processing with high quality level in an organic regime;
  • Refinement and taste with the new FUSION of tastes;

Our certifications